Yoga – and riding trips to Morocco

For many years my dream has been to be able to arrange a yoga trip to Morocco and  it has now come true for many times. I am both glad and grateful for the trips and all encounters and contacts, and I am continuously planning the next trips.

During the previous journeys we had yoga on roof tops at sunrise and sundown and in the silence of the Moroccan desert. We had many experiences: going south from Marrakech offered fantastic scenery, we studied local handicraft, had tagine (traditonal Moroccan dish), drank mint tea, rode camels and visited the crowded market in Marrakech. We had lovely kundalini – and yin yoga combined with a long trip through Morocco which gave us priceless experiences, unbelievable nature and beautiful encounters. Yoga helped us to enjoy Morocco to its full extent and to process all the many new impressions.

During the riding trips we have ridden fantastic Arab stallions very well trained and used for long rides, seen and ridden along the coast of the Atlantic ocean, berber villages and galloped in the water.

The yoga suits everybody and is adapted to everyone’s capability. Of course you only do as much yoga as will make you feel good.

There is now a date for our yoga trip: 26 Oct – 3 Nov 2019.We gather in Marrakech, drive together to the coast, enjoy the ocean and later through the Atlas mountains and Sahara desert. Contact me for the preliminary program, or visit

The next riding trip is the 26:th och dec – 3:rd och January.

Join us in a fantastic adventure with sea, desert and yoga combined in one trip or a riding trip that will be a memory for life! Please mail me a notice of interest and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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